Forest House

Sitting among trees in an established boreal forest in south Winnipeg, you will find the Forest House. Designed to highlight nature rather than compete with it, the Forest House achieves an unobstructed panoramic view into the woods. Window sills disappear into the floor and beams are elevated within the roof structure. Columns were concealed to attain a seamless transition between the interior and exterior. Striated stone cladding, light coloured stucco, and dark window frames were used to mimic birch and poplar trees, making this home design unforgettable.

Hide + Seek

Secter Architecture + Design have asserted themselves into the Winnipeg neighbourhood of River Heights. Combining four distinct but interconnected functions, the project was carefully balanced with voluminous, rectangular spaces. Unrelated spaces are connected through thoughtful transitions using material consistency. Hide + Seek includes a public, street-facing architectural office allowing the practice to have a central, flexible social core. A private upper level and a luxuriant open-air terrace with a garden link the view between home and work life that defines the Winnipeg architect firm.

Clearwater Retreat

Clearwater Retreat is a 4,200 sq. Ft cabin set on a granite rock formation overlooking Lake of the Woods. Capturing views of the lake a wall of stackable sliding glass panels open to a screen room beyond. The cottage’s exposed glulam skeleton also allows for expansive spans between these structural members shifting the focus from the water toward the sky. This Lake of the Woods architecture embraces the dense forest and water beyond. Structural wood components and interior finishes respond to the wildness of the surrounding boreal forest, leaving an unforgettable Manitoba experience.

Clearwater Retreat Boathouse

Clearwater Retreat’s private dock and boathouse respond naturally to their Lake of the Woods surrounding. The relationship between the boathouse and its corresponding body of water encompasses every aspect of the project’s architecture. This tree-top space mediates the shift from water to land. The panoramic views out across the water from the upper elevated seating area are particularly stunning.

Wellington Jewel Box

An existing 1960 Winnipeg penthouse turn chic, stylish, and of course feminine. Inspired by the world of fashion, the kitchen design is reminiscent of a walk-in closet. Each appliance specifically chosen for their accessory-like-quality, along with glossy marble surfaces, completes the jewel box feel. The inspiration for the design comes from the apartment’s cotton candy like sky views.  Tying the whole project together dark wood floor and a book matched marble backsplash gives the space a magical essence

Landing Pad

With a modern renovation, this existing 1960 bungalow has become the perfect homestead for a young design-savvy family. Residing in an established Winnipeg neighbourhood, features of surrounding homes became the inspiration for the extensive addition and remodelled. The once low and flat ceilings are now more generous and varied. From the front, a reclining gable roof shelters the new extension, allowing a significant change in the atmosphere within the home.

House on the Hill

GZ Reno

MG Reno

MM Reno

BW House

Bachelor Pad

DB Reno